Hello everyone!

On behalf of the GoyaDON team, it’s our honor to provide your ongoing Digital Presence Services. We wanted to take the opportunity to share some important information to make your transition as smooth as possible. First and foremost, all of your current agreements will not change. Second, and just as important, our team will begin migrating your websites and emails to the GoyaDON Digital Presence Platform.

There are some important items of note:

  1.  Your e-mails will be migrating to a new cloud-based Exchange-based email system. Exchange has been a bedrock of many large email systems for nearly 20 years, and is known for its resilience, security, and ease of set up for client boxes. Our team will be contacting you individually to ensure that transition is completely transparent to your business operations. For a good primer on how to connect your email client of choice to the new email server, please contact us or peruse our Frequently Asked Questions on the topic.
  2. Due to changes in how browser providers, such as Google, Apple, Mozilla, et al have updated their products to dissuade users from browsing unsecured website, and GoyaDON will now be requiring all client sites to have secure certificates. The secure certificate itself is provided at no cost. This will ensure your online visibility, while protecting your secure information. There will be a reduced (compared to other hosting sites) annual fee for the management of your secure certificate.
  3. All of our clients will have the opportunity to include Advanced e-Commerce, Responsive Galleries, Online Booking Reservations, and other business function options on your site. We also provide an online integration platform between the e-Commerce store and all back-office applications, such as online General Ledger, Customer Data Management, and e-Mail Marketing. Since we operate a full digital back-office platform, each portion of the platform is available as a technical service to all of our clients.
  4. We have developed competencies around back-office operations and the specific tools that have used over the years. Our support specialists provide book keeping, data entry, outreach & marketing campaigns, and other operational tasks to keep our clients’ business moving forward. We would love to talk to you and discuss what this could mean for your business!
  5. Our digital back office platform means all of our clients get to see everything digitally. So your new customer portal will have all of the widgets to see your service(s) status, pay for them online, receive important updates, and monitor your overall online (and off-line) business performance. 

We Appreciate Your Patience

as we begin the migrations! Our team includes pro’s from Fundraising, IT, Accounting, and Data Management, and we look forward to working with you to grow your businesses with minimal interruptions. In the coming days, we will be contacting everyone to schedule your account review and create a migration plan.  If you have any questions or concerns before you hear from us, please contact me directly via email: chloe@goyadon.com.


Chloe & GoyaDON Team

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