FAQ: Connecting Devices to your New Email

At GoyaDON, we try to make things simple, especially for connecting your devices to your new email server.

The following steps work for Desktop/Laptop eMail Client Program (e.g. Mail, Outlook, etc,) and mobile devices (iPhones, Androids, Windows, etc.)

  1. Open your Accounts Pane
  2. Click on “New Account” or “Add Account”
  3. Select Account Type as “Exchange”
  4. Type in your email and password that was provided to you
  5. If a dialog box requesting permission pops up, click on the “always” checkbox and “Yes” button.

    That’s it. Your email and calendar will be automatically configured on your machine!


FAQ: What are Digital Certificates and Why Do I Need Them?

Why every site should be SSL-encrypted

It is our policy at GoyaDON to ensure safety and security of every single site our clients trust us to host for them.  To that end, our hosting requires a digital certificate with every site.  The certificates themselves are free to our clients, with only a small annual fee to manage their validity. Here’s a quick summary of what implementing SSL encryption on your site will provide:

  • Better SEO ranking. SSL and HTTPS are not only valuable to security, but they’re also going to be helpful when it comes to SEO, e-Commerce, and visual notifications about the security of a page in Google Chrome. The Google Security Team announced that the 56th version of Google Chrome will visually alert users when they’re not on a secure website with an SSL certificate;
  • Safer, more secure data transfer between servers, with less chance of interception;
  • Increased trust with customers – some browsers will block entry to your site if it’s not secure;
  • SSL is required for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, so if you’re even pondering expanding your site into e-Commerce, a secure digital certificate is a must.