FAQ: What are Digital Certificates and Why Do I Need Them?

Why every site should be SSL-encrypted

It is our policy at GoyaDON to ensure safety and security of every single site our clients trust us to host for them.  To that end, our hosting requires a digital certificate with every site.  The certificates themselves are free to our clients, with only a small annual fee to manage their validity. Here’s a quick summary of what implementing SSL encryption on your site will provide:

  • Better SEO ranking. SSL and HTTPS are not only valuable to security, but they’re also going to be helpful when it comes to SEO, e-Commerce, and visual notifications about the security of a page in Google Chrome. The Google Security Team announced that the 56th version of Google Chrome will visually alert users when they’re not on a secure website with an SSL certificate;
  • Safer, more secure data transfer between servers, with less chance of interception;
  • Increased trust with customers – some browsers will block entry to your site if it’s not secure;
  • SSL is required for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, so if you’re even pondering expanding your site into e-Commerce, a secure digital certificate is a must.